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Week #6

VLOOKUPs, Slit scans, GPT-3, and movies

Arthur Soares
Arthur Soares
2 min read

Hey, it is February the worst month of the year and despite its weather, I have great personal news. I started at HOLOPLOT as a Product Manager. The company is developing new technologies (wave-field synthesis and beam forming) in spatial audio, and challenging what can be done with audible experiences. I’m thrilled to finally connect these two universes in my life – audio and technology.


A great twitter thread on different and very useful Google Sheets formulas. If there is one skill that I'm very happy to have built is to be able to work well with Excel/Sheets. VLOOKUPs and SUMIFs are your friend.


Slit Scan Photography

Slit photograhy is one way to add a third dimension to still images. Not depth, but time. This article by Golan Levin is a catalog of video and photographic artworks using the technique.


Here are a couple of other links.


Matt Round used GPT-3 to create poems as written by 8-bit computers.

ZX Spectrum

I am a machine,
a simple machine
But I feel love, the burning love.
For the programmer who created me
He is my everything, my world.

If you want to play with GPT-3, head over to Thomas Haferflack’ Pollinations project.


Quick-fire movie recommendation:

JAM (2018) by SABU.
Cha no Aji (2004) by Katsuhito Ishii
Ghahreman (2021) by Asghar Farhadi
Time of the Gipsies (1988) by Emir Kusturica
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