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Week #21

Hello Sun, it is nice to see you again, wait… why are you leaving already?

Hello Sun, nice to see you again. - San Francisco, 2015


Animals doing things, exhbit one, two, and three.


On Artificial Intelligence developments,


Just a photo of a building in Guiyang, China by Jord Hammond.

Jord Hammond


This article on the Brazilianization of the world by Alex Hochuli. A great read on the current political landscape intersected with the history of Brazil.

The Brazilianization of the World - American Affairs Journal
The West’s involution finds its mirror image in the original coun­try of the future, the nation doomed forever to remain the country of the future, the one that never reaches its destination: Brazil. The Brazilianization of the world is our encounter with a future denied, and in which this frustrati…


João Bosco - Dá licença meu senhor (1996)

João Bosco! I can only appreciate it, but I cannot comprehend how good his rhythm notion is. This record is packed with pieces of our traditional repertoire with unexpected twists – Caymmi (O Vento), Gil (Expresso 2222), Jobim (Desafinado), Rosa (Um gago apaixonado), and Barroso (No Tabuleiro da Baiana).  You cannot deny that João is definitely having fun. My current happy song is "Se você jurar". – Album on YouTube or Spotify.


Photography prints
Buy art from your friends. It is an excellent way of showing them your support, and you get something beautiful to hang on your wall. Here is a selection of photographs ready for your home.

After the photos from Brazil, some of you asked for prints, and for those interested, I made this page (thank you Flavia, Daniel and Noa).