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Week #19

Fake cell phone towers, my current tiktok obsession, and more on technology.

Arthur Soares
Arthur Soares
1 min read
Fauxliage: Disguised Cell Towers of the American West – Annette LeMay.


I take back everything bad I've said about TikTok (I'm lying). There is some incredible content out there. I mean really. This article from Vulture does a great job explaining how we got here.


We've all been cyborgs for longer than we've acknowledged. This recent study points out that tools are interpreted by our brains as extensions of our bodies. A cool thread on Twitter about it.



On more Fuck Yeah Future Shock, here is Facebook's latest campaign for their latest VR headset, the Oculus Quest 2.


If you miss the look and feel of old Geocities webpages, take a loot at Mmm. I'm a fan of nocode solutions, and this is a funny entry for the website builder category:


An interactive guide to ambiguous grammar.


Federico Albanese - By the Deep Sea (2018)

If you're into Nils Frahms, Max Richter or Philips Glass, this is a good take.


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