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Brasil: Saudades #1

Revisiting these photos nowadays is almost equivalent to traveling. Here are some photographs I took in Brazil over the last 17 years that I'm fond of. This is the first of many collections.

São Paulo, 2008
Belém, 2006
Brasília, 2004
Ilha do Combú, 2018
Paraty, 2014
Niterói, 2008
Brasília, 2018
Florianópolis, 2007
São Paulo, 2016
Paraty, 2017
Belém, 2018


Travel Journal: Europe #3

Góis, Portugal

At the time of this trip I had no idea about the importance that that week would have. Góis is a special place for my family. It is where my grandfather was born and also his refuge. I’ve been hearing stories about Góis as far as my memories go. Last week my grandfather passed away. I’m just glad that we got to share with him some of the memories of those days.

Travel Journal: Europe #2

The second journal from my current trip throughout Europe, this is Berlin.

Teufelsberg was one of the highlights from this trip. I wasn’t able to go in my previous visits. It is a man-made mountain made after WWII. The USA established a NSA base for radio monitoring. Yada yada yada, years passed and as all things go, someone bought it to make a condo/shopping mall (it was comes to one of those two, or a golf course in case you’re in the US). The project went astray and they’ve turned it into an open-air street art museum (I’m ~pretty~ sure this cannot be the properly description).

Either way, it took me 40-some-min by subway and a 30+ min hike up to the station. Here is what I’ve found.

Travel Journal: Europe #1

At Frankfurt Airport

For the last month I’ve been traveling in Germany & Portugal. In the absence of a specific (RIP Flickr) place to put photos, I’ll share some of them here.

I’ll be around Hamburg & Berlin for the next couple of weeks, buy me coffee. I’ll get you a snapshot.

São Paulo→ Frankfurt → Hamburg

Long-hauling 12 hour flight to Frankfurt and then some 3–4hr train to Hamburg.

That gentleman looks as confused as I was. He is doing a much better portrayal of my face than I was.
No better activity to kill time than betting if that broken glass window would fall or not. I lost.
The official proof that I've arrived in Germany: a Club-Mate

Next up… Berlin ->