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#004: Pannierstraße's rooftop

Between 2018 and 2019, Kevin and I shared a flat that, despite the 5 long flights of stairs, had quite the bonus, and it was too good of a novelty.

During the warm months of that year, we spent a whole lot of time up on that rooftop. The apartment was on the Dachgeschoss, and during summer it reached dizzying high temperatures. Going up there felt like accessing a different city. We didn't have to dispute for a patch of grass in the parks, and much like the Wim Wenders movie, we were above everything.

We used this precarious ladder to get up there

I remember cautiously trying to climb those stairs with a cup of coffee in one hand, and the GODAD foldable chair in the other. Looking back, it was quite precarious. I think one of our (probably mine) highlights was bringing up a barbecue grill. We learned that the previous tenants also had the practice, as indicated by the carpet left there (we never cared to remove it, and apparently it remains there untouched).

All in all, I had some lovely memories up there and it quickly became a little photography playground for me. I think some of the first 4x5 and 120 film tests I did, happened there. Some of these I'll expand in full posts, starting with the session with Artur.

Artur Hiroyuki
Todo Corpo Dança

Um beijo!