Capital of fashion and my first time in Italy, a heatstroke inducing weather I must say. We managed to see some good exhibitions in the short period we stayed in Milan. 

William Klein was quite special. I was already acquainted with his photographs, but I had never seen how he voiced things. He described his projects with a refreshing simplicity. 

"I've noticed that in general the Paris of photographers... was romantic, foggy and above all, ethnically homogeneous. But for me, Paris was, as much as and perhaps more than New York, a melting pot. A cosmopolitan city, multicultural and totally multiethnic, whatever Le Pen thinks." – About his Paris books.

At La Triennale, I almost cried with Neo Prehistory – 100 Verbi. The history of society told by 100 verbs and 100 objects. From ancient technologies to emerging ones.