Time for a road trip again. During my stay in São Paulo, I hopped over for an overnight at Peèle with a couple of friends. I've been meaning for months to introduce him to Angelo and Kevin had grown some interest in writing a piece after all the stories I've told.

Short trip, nonetheless remarkable.

We got in the car and two hours and half later, after stopping for some corn juice, Kevin was opening the gate at Lano Alto. Twenty minutes later Peèle was walking us around the new things on the farm. One thing I'm finally understanding is that a farm is as much of a living organism as any of the animals inhabiting there. Last time I went there was 10 months ago. The farm had quite some interesting new offsprings: a cheese cave, a cabin in the woods & a no nails cabin.

The thing that really stuck in my head this time was how much of a pioneer Peèle & Yentl are. A tl;dr version of my original post about them for some context. They've decided to move from Los Angeles to a farm in really small and equally distant village called Catuçaba. As I've said, I think they're pioneers. They are the first people that I've met of my age that are bridging two disconnected worlds: the online world of social media, tumblrs, kinfolk & cool magazines, plus whatever we're comfortable with, and the offline world of folk wisdom, cultural legacy & manual labor.

This pioneerism becomes quite evident when you see the thrill and excitement in Peèle's voice when he talks about PANCs (Eatable non-conventional plants) & newly found 1950s book about healing plants that his neighbor showed him. They're pioneering in seeing the old with fresh new eyes. This is a refreshing sight. 

As much as they consume from the old, they produce things to the new. I really don't know how they can do so much: workshops, designing / editing magazines, organizing a festival, etc…, and still having time to run a farm.

Yep. Cheese.

Yep. Cheese.

Before I go on with the photos, a gentle but important PSA:

If you have fungus & lactose allergy, unless you plan on providing your guests a thrilling ride to the closest hospital, don't get inside a cheese cake and feast on blue cheese.