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… hello June

The half-season look with a sign of the complete transition to Germany: socks and sandals.

The weather has turned, and one remembers why one chose Berlin as its home. This is another visual dump since the last update, but before, here are some worthwhile mentions:

#1 If you're in Berlin, do what you can to get tickets to 2 Chapters Love from Sharon Eyal.

#2 I'll spend Summer (July/August) in Canada/Montreal. If you have recommendations and/or are around there as well, please let me know

#3 I'll be in Belém for Christmas and New Years, what about finally making plans for that trip? ;)

Some visitors from far-away, and others from not that far; Potsdam was a very pleasant surprise.

Sandro gave us a masterclass on how to make pasta, but to be honest, we just watched, drank and ate it.

These last months had some concerts and performance highlights: Mulatu Astatke, Sharon Eyal, Cymande, and Anoushka Shankar.

After the last year under heavy development for some of the products I'm participating, we finally got some more hands-on time to play and experiment with it. And yes, there's that: Sphere bought HOLOPLOT. I'm also getting involved in my first hardware product 🤫.

Hannah and I celebrated three years together, but also Germany's favorite season: Spargelzeit. We took our lovely new 90s xbikes (thank you kevino) to Beelitz for the proper experience; and also had some Moules frites – which I serendipitously discovered I'm not allergic to.

Até a próxima! :)