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Belém, making amends

An almost foreigner's look into Belém's food markets & some of its surroundings – a collection of photos.

Arthur Soares
Arthur Soares
4 min read

I left Belém approximately 17 years ago, and since then, the relationship with my hometown has changed drastically. As I enter my 5th year in Germany, I can look back at my birthplace with a fresh set of eyes.

I must admit something here: I've been very selective over the years about where and when I wanted to show or, better said, hide my origins. When I first moved to the south of Brazil, softening my cultural traits turned very naturally into a compliance tool. I lost my accent and other characteristics. Not being called out as a Paraense (or wrongfully as a Nordestino) was a skill. It all became more intense when I started working in advertising companies in São Paulo. And no, by any means, I don't want to play that card here, but excuse me for this little rant.

I'm just acknowledging that as soon as the narrative changed, I felt confused. I remember how different it was to talk about Belém back in 2005-2010 to what it means now. It seems the case now that everyone suddenly wants to go to Ver-o-Peso, to visit Algodoal, to eat Tacacá, etc. With that, you feel that suddenly, a big part of the identity you had to hide is perceived differently, and you've lost time and touch.

That is the feeling I bring with me when I visit Belém, that I need to reconnect with something I've neglected for some years. I'm looking at everything with more attention. As if I've never been there before, but actually knowing it from the inside out.

This is a collection of images I've taken on some of these last trips. They're primarily at the Ver-o-peso market and around its surroundings. I hope I can share some of its beauty with you.

Porto do Ver-o-peso – 2006.

I try to spend as much time in the Ver-o-Peso as possible. I highly recommend visiting the Feira do Açaí and Pedra do Peixe during the late hours (03-06am).

Local herbs oftenly used in medicinal ways


I'm selling a couple of prints of the photo below, among others. You can check them out on the link below.

Ver-o-peso 2006.
Photography prints
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Arthur Soares

Brazilian based in Berlin, Germany. I'm writing and sharing about technology, photography, and other personal interests.


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